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'A' stretch troubles

'A' stretch troubles

I scared the shit out of myself today.

In my dumb quest to start some different stretching exercises due to the fact that the current ones I’ve been doing haven’t even HINTED at giving me any gains in the past 3 months, I decided to try out the A stretch.

I was completely flacid. I pulled my penis straight out with my right hand, and then I placed my left hand underneath by the shaft. Then I placed my thumb (left hand) against the middle of the shaft, started pushing upwards, while pulling the half that my right hand was holding downwards (the A stretch).

Within 3 seconds, I heard a sound barely detectable to my ears, and my dick like lightly jolted or something. My vocal cords let out an involuntary AAAAAH cause I thought I just fucked up my dick, within just 3 damn seconds of trying out the A stertch.

Must have been something snapping or something due to the A stretch right?

Well I don’t know if this is “supposed” to happen and I wasn’t injured or anything as I massaged my dick immediately following this scare and achieved an erection to make sure everything was still in working order, but goddamn…why the hell did it happen? Does my dick have to more/less girth/length or did I just perform the A stretch completely wrong?

This is gonna ruin the rest of my weekend if I don’t find out what happened nor how to properly do the A stretch without this twisted shit happening..

Hey. I heard a popping sound once while oing a manual stretch and it stopped me dead in my tracks and my jaw dropped.I stopped checked it out everything was fine.I just aassumed it was that lig pop some members have talked about.This was a month ago.And ive been fine ever sence.(then again i could have stepped on something but im positive it came from my dick. You might have had the same thing. Good luck.


Sounds like a lig pop to me.

I’ve only encountered them doing exactly what you where doing, an A-Stretch.

I experienced no pain or discomfort, just panic for a about a minute till I figured out all was well.

Could it be???

I too have had this happen. I believe it was the top ligament snapping back to its normal spot—having been rubber banded to the left or right. Like a bow and arrow thing. Is this a lig pop?


I’m guessing so. From what I’ve read, that was my interpretation.

There was no pain or discomfort associated with mine, (discounting the surge of panic induced adrenaline that coursed through my body when I initially thought, Good God, I’ve pulled my dick loose from it’s socket or something) :)

Here’s Memento’s comment and a link to more info.

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I have never had this happen but now I am starting to get jealous…:( I always hear about the Lig Popping thing and I never heard it.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Me either…

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