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A small spot... should I stop?


After a month of no PE you will be de-conditioned so start again slowly. If you lose the gains you already have they will comeback very fast. If you don’t lose the gains you may well be set for more newbie gains anyway. Use the month to work on the rest of your body and it will be a month well spent.

I have got my best gains always after a period of rest.

----- Feb 2004 - 5.0 EG x 6.0 BPEL----- Feb 2006 - 5.6 EG x 8.0 BPEL

Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.

Thank you guys.

Well, I really didn’t want to stop at this point, really didn’t. But I won’t sit and cry and start the “oh how unfortunate I am, and this and that, and bla bla bla” attitude. No way. I have a goal, and I will reach it, I know I will. It really doesn’t matter if it’s taking me more time than I expected. Since the first day, I’ve been told that PE is a marathon, and I keep that in mind every single day. I also didn’t expect to grow 0.4 in my first month, so I can only expect good things in the future.

This is only possible because of you guys, that help me a lot, and that motivate me and support me when I most need. That I will never forget.

I want to become a pumper, and I’ve been reading a lot about it… I initially planed to start pumping on Mars/April… but now I think I will have to wait a bit longer, but I will use this time I will be off to learn techniques, etc.


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2007: BPEL: 5.1 / MSEG: 4.5 / 2008: BPEL: 6.5 / MSEG: 4.8

I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Sounds like a good plan.

Thunder, this injury of mine, is it called “thrombosed vein”?

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2007: BPEL: 5.1 / MSEG: 4.5 / 2008: BPEL: 6.5 / MSEG: 4.8

I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

First time post.Thought I could help.

I had the exact same thing happen! I had been doing the newbie routine for around 4 months, and then decided to add a few more advanced exercises. Started off fine, added Ulis to my routine and all was well, made good gains for a little over a month with no problems. Then pushed it a bit too hard, and ended up with a spot, as you described about .1”, and a few other similar type spots although not as big. So I stopped for a week(which was hell) and it went away but then literally a few seconds after I would start to jelq the spot would come back!! As-well as a tonne of smaller red spots(the usual tiny ones that go away after a few hours).

Anyways to make a long story short, I took all of December off and now I’m going again with absolutely no problems and have been since the beginning of January. So take the month and all should be well.

Good luck!

Good first post Tsang. :)

Thanks Tsang! I feel honoured that your very first post is about my injury. I hope you are doing ok right now, and I truly feel sorry for you and that you had to take a month off to heal. That’s what I’ll probably have to do too…

It’s hard to live without PE, because I know deep in my mind that it was making wonders to me, non only physically, not only in the enlargement of my penis, but the most important thing, pshycologicaly, it was boosting my sef-esteam and confidence. But, that’s life… and this is just another obstacle I’ll have to pass.

I’m yet to decide if I’m giving jelq a try in the middle of the next week, after all, I do not really jelq for half a month (and stopped everything for more than a week now). Let’s wait and see. I’ll keep doing my hot wraps and massage.

It’s incredible how I feel different, smaller… I’ve lost some of my gains already, and that’s really frustrating! Well, forget about it! Positive speech! Optimism! I’m gonna make it… someday! ;)

Big big hug to you all

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2007: BPEL: 5.1 / MSEG: 4.5 / 2008: BPEL: 6.5 / MSEG: 4.8

I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

Hello my dear friends!

I have some good news for you!

A couple of hours ago I decided to give jelqing a try, so I could figure out what was the current state of my injury. As you know, I’ve been very careful about this, and I really didn’t want, at all, to spoil all the good work I think I’ve been doing at the recoverage of the injury. So, I decided that I would jelq and stop IF anything close to a bleeding would appear at the left side of my shaft.
At probably 60% of erection, I started jelqing. 10 strokes… nothing to worry at this point. 20… still nothing… 30, 40, 50… 100. Ok, still nothing, thank God. And then I decided to stop. I don’t want to push it, I don’t want to play with my luck. Anyway, this is good news, because the last time I’ve tried the same, the bleeding would INSTANTLY appear. 10 strokes would’ve been enough. This time I’ve made 100 (and I really think I won’t be doing much more than that for some time…) and nothing strange happened. FANTASTIC.

Another FANTASTIC news is that, STRANGELY or not, I measured my penis and found out that I DID NOT lose any of my first month gains. Ain’t that great? I thought I would, and I think I did measure it wrong the last time, because I’m still the same size, almost one month after my PE break because of my injury.

Well… even though I think I’m recovering very well, I don’t want to rush it, so I think I will only re-start my PE routine next monday or so. Some more days to rest, to heal and to recover won’t hurt. And if the bleeding re-appears… stop once again.

And now, I would like to thank you guys for all your (very important) support! You can be sure that it meant a lot to me, and that it was a big help in a very difficult times to me. I hope I can help the others, as much as you’ve been helping me since the day 1.

THANK YOU ALL! and thanks to thunder, obviously.

Big big hug!

G_want7's log

2007: BPEL: 5.1 / MSEG: 4.5 / 2008: BPEL: 6.5 / MSEG: 4.8

I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

I’m pleased you are healing well Gui. Please keep it gentle for a while longer.

At least now you know (and we all know) that you did not lose your gains. That is the sort of valuable feedback which gives this site quality. :)


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