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A problem?....I dunno

A problem?....I dunno

I’m not sure if this is something that’s recently surfaced through clamping or whether it’s my imagination. I probably didn’t notice anything unusual there prior to PE, but of course now one gets more aware of any changes on one’s penis with PE.

Running on the top of my dick is a large vein. When I clamp (only 1 clamp at the base of my dick), the veins, naturally, become prominent. About half an inch from my fat pad I notice a “bulge” on the vein about half the size of an M&M. There’s no pain when I’m clamping and press it,or at anytime for that matter, and when I’m flaccid I can hardly feel it. It doesn’t move it just stays there.

I’m not overly concerned but I remember when pumping up an inner tube of a bike, for example, if there’s a weakness at a point on the tube, that point can distend and balloon out a bit so I’m wondering if it’s a weak point in my vein that has perhaps done likewise (?)

I’ve read about thrombosed veins but this doesn’t seem fall into that category.

As I said, it doesn’t seem to effect things in any way but I’d be curious to know if anyone has had this happen.

Don’t all answer at once!

Sorry Shintaro. You have a lot more patience than most.

I used to get some pretty serious vein bulges with Horse440s. I pretty quickly learnt how to do Horses without causing the bulges.

The question is does clamping make these things bigger over time and when you have a normal erection, do you notice the same prominence.

Veins do increase and decrease in capacity along their length, especially around junctions. They also have fairly flexible walls which can expand some way without damage. I wouldn’t rule out that you are, as you suggest, working on a weak point and expanding it permenantly.

Hopefully you’ll get some more insightful posts than this one.

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Don’t know clamping, I had a similar experience to memes with the horse440s.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys. Yes I do Horses too but not a lot so not sure. Memento, did your bulges go away? As I said, mine doesn’t seem to cause any problems but not sure if it will get bigger.

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