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A new sort of injury - what is it?

A new sort of injury - what is it?

Guys: I noticed that I have an irregularly shaped red splotch on the right side of my shaft, maybe a half-inch across. I suspect this is a “bruise” of some sort, maybe from one or more burst capillaries that spread blood under the skin. Anyone experience this? Dangle

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I haven’t suffered from this, but the way you describe it it does sounds like a bruise or burst capillarie.

keep an eye on it and make sure the spot doesn’t get larger. If it does, go to a doctor.

Take care

I have had those. Sometimes they go away, sometimes they only fade.

I had something similar to this and it went away on its own in a week or so.

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It may be just discoloration I have a patch on the top of my dick. I had it really bad when I was hanging with the bib but it has all faded except for this little patch

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I have had a couple of those from clamping (but not quite that big). How do you warm up/down?


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