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A little help please

A little help please

In my desperate attempts to get help at this site I may have overlooked the guidlinges for posting.. I have an injury I really need help with but I am locked out of the injury part of the forum so I guess I will post it here untill I find out, or someone tells me, what I have to do to post in the correct forum. Basically 3 years ago I bent my thang against it’s curve trying to see.. Well make it curve the other way or straiten up or whatever and noticed an immediate lack of sensation across the entire thing besides the scar tissue from circumscision(sp?) I can still feel everywhere else but only things like pinching with nails so I would say sensativity is down to about 10 percent everywhere , maybe still 25 percent to 30 percend along the bottom of the shaft but on the top and sides it’s about 10 or so except of course around the scar tissuewhich was stil 100 percent except at teh top which is like 30-40 percent.. Now I can still get it up just as good as ever BTW with the right stimulation and continuous stimulation.. Last night I was just out of the shower and had it wrapped up in my legs funny and I lost just a tad more along the bottom of the circumscision scar which was my best spot, I still have about 40 percent of the feeling left on the bottom of the scar tissue and it’s still 100 pecent around the rest of the scar tissue so not as bad as the shaft.. BTW it was INSTANT and no I didnt notice till I was given oral sex just after then took a shower and noticed it felt differnt. It did not hurt it did not tingle.nothing just like a light switch. Now I found a reference to somethign very similar on another site that has a recomendation for somthing that may help and I would appreciate it if anyone could take a look here it is.. Http://www.actionlove.con/cases/case9882.htm

If anyone has had a similar experiance with thier foolings with this enlargement stuff PLEASE let me know or if anyone knows anythign about it or anything that could help it would be greatly appreciated as I am only 20 and do NOT want to loose the ability to have sex much less decent sex.. Please help if you can thank you.


1: you are posting correctly, just keep posting, (mention that your circumcised, make the title attention-grabbing) and youll eventually get someone to respond. Sometimes you won’t get responses for a few days.

2: you might want to simplify this post. It’s a bit confusing. If you look to the column on the right, youll see that 15 people looked at the post, but decided not to answer.

3: the link is broken

Sorry that I could’nt help you, but keep trying. Try looking back here in a few days.

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Am I understanding correctly that the initial injury occurred 3 years ago and hasn’t improved? Hopefully you haven’t been PEing during this time.

Several of us have injured nerves to the point of having diminished sensitivity for a period of time. My case. Minor nerve injuries usually heal given enough time, which can be substantial (many months). However, if yours hasn’t improved after 3 years and recently worsened, you should see a doctor. Probably start with a urologist, who may refer you to some other specialist. I don’t know what can be done, if anything.

No PE was done and I saw a urologist and stuff before and gave up after 3 who couldn’t tell me anything even a neurologist couldn’t tell me anything.. I am going back again and Ill see what I can do about the link it pretty much sounds exactly like my case. Here is a working link

BTW mine happened instantly and had no pain involved I just happened to notice I lost a lot the first time since I washed my genitals after doing it, also I would like to know what you think of the products this guy mentioned as I have no idea what they are or who exactly is recomending them.

Yeah I read that part I was just trying to see if anyone on here knew if it was BS or possibly legit.. Or even heard of the website, but thanks for moving this to a more appropriate section for me.

Well that is pretty much what I thought, anyways I’de like to hear anyone who had of a similar experience and see if anything can be done.

Since 111 have looked and almost no one replied Ill re word this a little and hope I get a few more responses.. A little over 3 years ago I milked my penis trying some things I saw originally on another website and got some loss of sensation across the top of the shaft along with some bruising and swelling of the foreskin along with a strang bump towards the base on the top of the shaft, a few weeks later I bent it in the opposite direction of a curve with a full hard on in the shower and noticed only after washing that I had lost a tremendous amount of sensation over the glans and the shaft with really only the skin around the circumscision scar being in tact minus a little on top. I went to a few urologists and one neurologist but it didnt sound like they had ever dealt with any nerve injuries of this kind, if that is in fact what it is, and kept asking me about my back despite having told them what freaking happened. Now I recently tangled it up in my legs funny when I was laying on the bed after taking a shower, so the skin kind of clung the the skin on my leg and I guess it pulled it wrong or something cause I didnt really feel what happened and noticed a loss in sensation on the circumscision scar tissue on the bottom, the best part I had, so now my hot spots are limited to the scar tissue area on the sides mainly. To clarify further, neither case had a total loss of sensation, the last injury only took about half of it away where it was taken from the previous one took away different amounts of sensativity in different locations but enough to not be really stimulated by rubbing. If anyone had ANYTHING to say or advice or help or hell maybe a similar trauma please do so, you never know what might help out.. Thanks again.


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