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9 days have passed

9 days have passed

I was writing a thread 9 days ago about my injury, I will tell you a little bit what happen.

I was jelqing with the newbie routine, suddenly I felt a rush, the penis got smaller couldn’t get any erection and my penis felt very numb, I also felt pain.
I stopped directly in the hope to heal it up with rest.

Now 9 days later it have been better, I can get erections even though they were greater before, I can’t feel any pain.
Notice that the numbness also have been better.
It feels like my erections don’t last longer either, some mornings I actually got erection fairly easy, but it disappear fast.

But my problem is that the penis still is numb sometimes and it also are very soft, I can form my penis a little bit if I’m bending, if you know what I mean?
This is the worst trauma I have gone through in my whole life, I’m going around all the time and thinking about this injury, sometimes I feel more numb because I read some things on internet and gets scared. The worst thing with this is that I don’t know which injury it could be, I hate that feeling with a numb and disconnected dick.
I’m pretty sure it’s getting worse sometimes because of my mental unbalance.
I think it’s the base in the penis that are the biggest problem, my sensitivity have increased more in the top of the penis.

I think it has been a good progress this 9 days with my injury, my dick is better but this numbness scares me alot.
I know I have to give this long time to heal, but I don’t want to fight this uncertain feeling :(
Maybe someone here could give a solution of what it could be?
Ligaments, nerves, bloodflow or whatever?

I have also felt numb in other parts of the body
I can’t live a proper life right now, I could do whatever to get rid of these problems.

Positive things is that I can’t feel any pain, numbness have slowly increased (I think).
But the negative things is too much, this injury have got me in a very mental unbalance.
Right now when I’m writing this my hands are cold, and my penis feel more numb now if you compare to what I felt when I woke up for 30-40 minutes ago.

Sorry for stressing things up maybe, but I can’t live with this problems..

So all tips will be appreciated

I hate to go around and wait for something I don’t know surely will be healed.

Hi Maroshk,

I’m sorry this happened to you, everyone with a dick can relate to your feelings.. :)

I’m sure the members of this forum are interested in what exactly caused your injury, as you could help other PEers to prevent it.

But only a doctor can diagnose whether treatment is necessary - or time will just heal it completely!

All the best for you,


It sounds like it is getting a lot better. Over 99% of injuries heal eventually with time, I think you just need to give it a little more time.

If you want you can try warming your dick and massaging it, that can help with blow flow and might help you recover faster.

Thank you..

I know that this probably will be healed with just relaxing for a long time, but _IF_ this not will disappear when should I suggest to meet a doctor?

You might have a little nerve damage, that can sometimes take a little time to heal.

I think it all depends on whether you are still recovering and getting better. If you are still having big problems after a month or two, you might want to go check it out though.

Where do you feel the numbness or was there a specific area where it was painful when you first injured yourself?

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The injury have surely been better since I got it 9 days ago, it’s a good sign that it have healed.
So what do you think, relax for 2-3 weeks and check if it keeps healing, and if not go to a doctor :) ?

When I got this injury I felt most pain in the base of the penis.

Yes, and definitely stay away from PE. You need to give it plenty of time to heal, and next time don’t overdo it! (:

I would definitely try warming up your penis and massaging it, that has helped me in the past with my injuries.

If your erections get stronger every few days, then I wouldn’t worry too much. Good luck and have a speedy recovery!

Thank you very much, I will rest and hopefully not think about it so much :P

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