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6 months into my penis hanging injury looking for advice

6 months into my penis hanging injury looking for advice

Hey guys. About 6 months ago, I was doing a 20 minute hanging session with a BIB hanger. It was hanging too close to my glans and I went numb; no erection, no sensation. I went to the ER and they said it should heal. It’s been 6 months since then and I still deal with the diminished sensitivity. It’s strange, one week my erections will be very strong. And then next week, I can’t achieve an erection at all. I’ve had many strange feelings down there: burning, coldness, pain, numbness, a general exhausted feeling in the penis. The tip of my glans are more pale than before the injury, and a faint scar has been there since the injury. I’ve been to two urologists; one said it’s probably nerve damage and to give it 3 months to heal. The other said it more or less the same thing and to give it a few months. I realize I’m foolish and that I might have had an improper hanging technique. I guess I’m just looking for any grain of hope. Has anyone ever dealt with a PE injury issue like this for many months until completely healing? I do feel like generally my sensitivity has slightly improved. But then again, I might have to start using Cialis. I’m only 25. I read a forum about a guy using a clamp and his situation not improving until 10 months after his injury. I might visit a neurologist in the near future as well. I’m not giving up on the idea that I can heal myself. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I havent experienced such thing but more men will careful after reading you so thanks.

Dont feel regret as we are men and we do hard stuff sometimes.

You said “I’m not giving up” which is great mindset. I would suggest seeing as much urologists as you can periodically and keep track of your history. Suggestions and experiences vary from doctor to doctor.

Sounds like typical nerve damage, if you’ve seen improvement it means it’s healing but it can take many months.

Nerve damage usually take up to 6 month to heal or to notice some improvement at all, it’s a really long process.

In this case you might be in a complete different situation and I’d really recommend important medical attention.

If you noticed improvement during these months which seems the case I’m pretty sure you have a good chance to heal.

Hanging and clamping are extremely dangerous exercises if not executed perfectly, and I do not recommend them to anyone since manual exercises can be really productive as well for an entire lifetime with appropriate deconbreaks when needed.

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Personally, after my Bib hangar accident, I had issues for months. Like your doctors said, your best weapons are patience and hope.

I had one slip off after some damage the same way you describe. I worked weight too high and had built some numbness then it slipped off with 14 pounds. This is the main reason I don’t hang. This was with a full size Bib when I was likely too small for it.

I think 14 months I was issue free. But I don’t recall, as I didn’t panic. I’ve faced sensitivity issues constantly due to a botched circumcision from childhood.

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Accro, do you think it would be worth it to see a neurologist? I guess I just don’t know exactly what my next step should be.

Originally Posted by neatdude
Accro, do you think it would be worth it to see a neurologist? I guess I just don’t know exactly what my next step should be.

Couple of people in my family are doctors from around 20 years and they helped me this year (April to June) recovering from a really bad car accident that almost made me lost my left leg.

Long story short I had around 60 stitches (40 outside/20 inside) to fix my leg and close the insane cut I had.

After being lucky enough to come back 100% I admit that my sensitivity is slowly coming back just now because I had a huge nerve damage. And they were right about nerve damage since before August if someone would have touch my leg I couldn’t even feel it, now I start to.

If 6 months have already passed for you and you are not 100% recovered that means that you had a huge nerve damage but you can also consider yourself lucky if during these months you slowly noticed progress.

Urologist can’t do nothing about nerve damage, simply because nobody can, it’s something that heals by itself or it doesn’t, with time, patience and touching your unit just for peeing, nothing else.

If there is something I would suggest to you right now is focusing in other aspects of your life that you love, start meditation and completely forget that you have a penis, for now of course.

Unless you have a huge bank account which I wish for you to be like this. In that case, seeking help from the best expert of nerve damage could speed up your healing process, but patience is the first medicine in your case.

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Jesus, I’m glad your leg is okay and that you’re recovering. Thanks for the advice. I guess I just don’t want to be missing out on something I should be doing to help my situation. And for something like this, I am willing to spend a pretty penny on surgery if it means healing myself. I’m just terrified of the word ‘permanent’. I’ll take 5 years over life. Thanks for your wise words.

Could look into BioPQQ which is supports nerve growth factor.

Hey guys, it’s been a little over a month and some sensitivity and color has returned to my penis head. Recently, I’ve been feeling shooting pains in my dick and woke up with a strong erection the other day. However, every time I think I’m getting better, I begin to master bate again. And every time I master bate for a few days, I run into diminished sensitivity issues and my penis head losses color again. I just tried jacking off right now and my erection was very weak all though I was still able to cum.

This is how I feel my progress is:


Right now, I feel like I’m at one of those downward bumps in the chart. I saw my third urologist three days ago. I literally walked out because he was telling me the same old shit every other doctor has been telling me, “It’s probably nerve damage, it might heal, it might not. There’s nothing I can do for you”. This injury happened on St. Patty’s day (7 months ago), so I’ve been dealing with it for a while. I’m contemplating seeing a neurologist. What do you guys think?

Originally Posted by neatdude
However, every time I think I’m getting better, I begin to master bate again. And every time I master bate for a few days, I run into diminished sensitivity issues and my penis head losses color again.

You’re killing me.

Let me get this straight:
You start improving.. Then you masturbate and you get worse again.
Improvement kicks back in.. Then you masturbate and you get worse again.

Bro. Are you serious? I’m not harassing you, I know how mentally debilitating it is to be injured, but this is clearly a really dumb move you are making. The doctors tell you it’s nerve damage, the forum members suspect the same, and when a doctor tells you to let it heal, you walk out?

Stop touching your dick. There’s clearly a reason you improve up to the point you jerk it again. Give it time to recover. Nerve damage can take a LONG time. I’m not familiar with penis injuries in particular, but an injury to the nerves in the muscles take three months, for example.

If you want to see a neurologist, sure. Tell your general physician that the urologists have all been telling you it’s nerve damage, and you want to confirm it with a neurologist. I don’t know if this is enough to warrant a referral, but what’s to lose?

Again, stop jerking off.

I dealt with a hanging numbness incident once. About 3 weeks of greatly diminished sensitivity (30-50%) followed by another 3 months to go from about 80% back to 100%. So I read up on it a fair bit.

Here’s the deal, three degrees of nerve injury.

1st degree: Damage to the myelin sheath, but axon and outer connective tissue intact. Complete recovery within 3 weeks to 3 months.

2nd degree: Damage to the axon, outer connective tissue intact. Complete recovery but much slower. How slow? Couldn’t find a clear answer since it depends on so many factors of the injury, but somewhere in the range of 3 months to 3 years was what I could gather. Complete recovery is assured. They won’t even operate on it.

3rd degree or higher: Complete severance of the nerve including the outer connective tissue. Total loss of sensation and motor function distal to the injury. Varying degrees of partial recovery. Complete recovery is impossible. Surgery is helpful in some cases.

If you had a 3rd degree injury, you would have had complete loss of sensation and motor functionality distal to the hanger attachment point, no recovery after 2 weeks. That didn’t happen, so you have either a 1st or 2nd degree injury. Neurologists will tell you the same thing urologists did - it will heal completely with time. It may be nice to go to one to confirm that it’s not 3rd degree, and to get some advice on what you could do to expedite the nerve regeneration. But they won’t actually do anything for it.

Your description sounds like a 2nd degree injury. But I wouldn’t rule out a 1st degree injury that has already healed and these problems that persist are “in your head”.

Unlike the last poster, I think your normal sex life including reasonably gentle masturbation will have no impact on the rate of recovery. As long as your long term general trend is improved sensation, decreased random pains, and better EQ, just relax, let it heal, and don’t worry about the ups and downs too much.

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Alright, thanks guys. I walked out of that appt because I was bringing up possibilities like a venous leak or Peyronie’s disease and the doctor wasn’t hearing me out, kinda sounded like Trump “Wrong.. Wrong”. Also, I’ve been told that gentle masterbation with something like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter might help circulation. Again, I do feel like I’m improving. It’s just a crazy rollercoaster ride that has all kinds of twists and turns. Thanks again for the reassurance.

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