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2 bruise questions

2 bruise questions

Hi, i just did a bender for the first time last nite… i dont think i should have done it yet coz ive just noticed a dark bruise over an area where i had noticed one of the veines becoming particularly large… at the time i thought… hmm this bending things a bit hardcore, better stop… but it seems it was too late…

2 questions… will this be a permanent discolouration?
and.. if not… how long will it be till it goes back to normal colour?

oh yeah i thouht of one more question… is it still ok to have erections while it heals

thanx guys…..!

I onced bruised myself up real bad with the use of a uli thing.

THe bruises became scabs, which healed, but left lighter patches.
Also, the patches have weak skin that is dry, and very prone to red dots etc.

my advice - DONT bruise it!

FatCat - sec’s experience sounds a bit out of the norm. Yes your bruise will heal. It may take a week or two. You can’t avoid erections and they won’t make any difference in your recovery. And, you are correct that erect bends are a very advanced technique and you need several months of “dick work” behind you before trying them

Also, please read my sig.

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