1 year later, need some help base of penis looks odd

I will try and keep this short, 1 year ago, I was using an extender (penis master pro) 5 months after the newbie routine. I was doing kegels while in a extender. Not a lot, but a few here and there. My thinking was that it would put blood in the penis, I was wrong. I injured my penis. Well, it has now been a year. I have hip flexor, groin, and testicle soreness. Nothing major but still an annoying problem. I was looking at my penis today and it looks different on one side then the other. I have attached pictures so you can see the difference. When touching this area it definitely feels tender but no major pain. Could this be a build up of scar tissue from the injury? or could this be damage still from my major mess up? It almost looks like a Lipoma but not sure. Wondering if anyone else has been through this or has any advice on action to take on my part.

Groin, hip, lower back, testicle and base of the penis soreness sometimes.
Penis seems a bit shorter
Erections not as hard

I am going to go see a Urologist but the process is quite time consuming (family doctor referral, then up to 6 months of waiting, I am in Canada) and am hoping to get some advice to calm my mind on this.

Any help is much appreciated.

I have also added some pictures of both sides of the base of my penis so you can see the difference

Thanks in advance

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